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Greetings from burBEARy

Finding amusement on the small knobs of a Canon.

burBEARy caught in the limelight found all magnetism it could get.......

Greetings everyone,
Finally buckled ourselves to start a photoblog in hope to expertize photo shooting skills while sharing some still flicks.



mimid3vils said...

Haha, I'm planning to insert some my "masterpieces" in my blog too, but now only think~~ hope can work soon soon :P

Chris Lee said...

will be waiting to see your lovely masterpieces on your blog :)

ai wei said...

geng lerrr! u have photoblog!

love ur captures n ur pic~

ai wei said...

between, this new layout is cool! manage urself???

Chris Lee said...

thanks for supporting. got the layout from somewhere else tho... still learning to design a banner for this blog ;P

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