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Graces of Liverpool

1. Witnessing attractive blooms settling comfortably in Liverpool.

2. The Royal Liver Building standing mightily next to the Curnard Building. Towering over Water Street & Town Hall.

Royal Liver & Curnard making up the skyline of Liverpool

3. Liverpool Cathedral (Anglican Cathedral) - I Felt You and I Know You Loved Me.

Anglican Cathedral is the host to the annual Liverpool Shakespeare Festival, has one of the longest naves , largest organs and heaviest and highest peals of bells in the world.

4. Pretty sights in Albert Dock.
Best known - non-combustible dock warehouse system in the world and is built in cast iron, brick and stone.

5. Riverside Walk - Tranquility you shall find.

6. Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King

7. Shopping is essential and pretty interesting with some underground malls. More shops at lower levels.

8. Strolling along quiet streets armed with the camera in a land popular-ed by Beatles and Europen Capital of Culture.

Manchester City & Old Trafford

Manchester city was an eye-opener:

1. Especially for football fans who would love to visit the Manchester United football stadium in Old Trafford residing the football spirits of the red devils for themselves. The Theater of Dreams.

2. Wheel of Manchester

3. You can shop till u drop. Great shopping malls

4. Relaxing side of the city.

5. Manchester China Town was like Hong Kong.

George Square, Glasgow - Spring 09

Spring is welcomed with joy.
Beautiful sunshine perfect for staying outdoors.

Winter in Salzburg

It was so cold in Sazburg.
It's warm when we have each other. Side by side.

Greetings from burBEARy

Finding amusement on the small knobs of a Canon.

burBEARy caught in the limelight found all magnetism it could get.......

Greetings everyone,
Finally buckled ourselves to start a photoblog in hope to expertize photo shooting skills while sharing some still flicks.